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モデルとしてビューティのお仕事やメイクに関する取材が多く、メイクに関して知識を深めてからちゃんとお仕事をしたい、取材に答えられるようになりたいと、“Les Doigts School”に1年間通いメイクの知識を深めた。 それから沢山のトークショーでメイクとファッション、コスメ取材を頻繁にやって活動しています。


Juliana is known for her innumerable Beauty jobs and campaign. Being exposed to a lot of beauty products, her curiosity made her want to delve into the world of makeup, so she decided to go to Les doigts makeup school for a year while working as a model. 


After she finished the course, she started to get more interviews about makeup and cosmetics making special appearances on talk shows and magazine's special pages...


trx training


米海軍特殊部隊(NAVY SEALs)の司令官であったTRXの創設者兼CEO、ランディ・へトリックにより開発されたサスペンショントレーニングのこと。


TRX is the suspension training developed by Randy Hetrik, the founder and CEO of TRX who was the commander of the US Navy Special Forces (NavySEALs).

Training that you can train every element including strength, balance, flexibility, agility, core stability, by hundreds of exercises that heavily utilizes gravity and itself.


phytotherapy & aroma








European traditional therapy that encourages natural healing power that humans originally possess, prevention, treatment, and care of diseases by applying pharmacology of plants and prescribing effective ingredients of plants in combination.


Use the active ingredients of plants in various dosage forms such as tea (herbal tea), tincture, bath preparation, poultice etc. It is characterized by multifaceted working from inside and outside of the body, to live young & better and get a healthier life. 


macrobiotic food




A way of realizing a healthy lifestyle while harmonizing with nature by taking a meal based on food that grows in the local place, mainly grains, vegetables, seaweed, etc.

It is a meal method that thinks the balance of food ingredients and recipes based on three important keywords "Mr. Futoshi Sudo" "One whole thing" "Ying yang harmony".



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